The Most Romantic Restaurants in New York

If you’ve dated your new partner and have been together for years, your chosen restaurant will make or break your date night. From the intimate atmosphere, pampered cuisine, and wine, we rounded off our top selection in New York City. These are restaurants that have proven to be one of the best ways to nurture someone in your heart. Here are the most romantic restaurants in New York.


A master of dichotomy, this West Village hotspot creates an atmosphere that is both energetic and intimate while offering high-quality Italian cuisine that is as creative as it is traditional. It would be a mistake not to combine a bottle of their impeccable Italian wine with a glass or two of wine from the restaurant’s extensive wine list. From the outside, this restaurant may seem unremarkable, but as you enter, you realize that its two levels could not be further from a cozy Italian restaurant. Although reservations should be made in good time, it is worth waiting for, as the atmosphere is energetic, intimate and the food delicious.

The NoMad Restaurant

If you find the classic white tablecloth a little oppressive, this sultry NoMad hub is the perfect blend of no-frills and luxury. The atmosphere is perfect for a dinner in the ceiling of the atrium overlooking the stars, as it is considered a celebrity favorite, and the dining room is covered in red velvet.

Michelin-starred chef Gabriel Kreuther combines French and German influences in his dishes, while the baccarat glasses that make up the course offer an old-fashioned cotton candy spread made from Angostura. If you want to feel like a king on a romantic evening, the glitz of the silk walls and glittering baccarat crystals is hard to beat. Kaiseki’s only menu is left to the chefs, who prepare delicious starters with fine fish and seasonal ingredients.

The Grand Salon at the Baccarat Hotel New York

While the main salon is more formal (men need a jacket and only the tasting menu is available), the adjacent lounge is a chic but equally delicious place to casually sip oysters, caviar, and wine from the impressive 15,000-bottle collection. You can’t enter the restaurant without a reservation, but it just feels exclusive to be here, so a reservation is a must. Eric Ripert has impressed critics and diners alike with his ability to recognize the difference between good and bad food, and the subtle differences between the two.


Then there’s the stately room, decorated with brown leather and emerald-green walls, inspired by the art of horse riding in the spirit of Ralph. American comfort, which is favored by the menu, and then there is the restaurant itself, with its brown leather chairs, brown velvet sofas, and green wall furniture. Per tip, it’s so generous that it’s great for sharing, but not so much for eating.

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

Set in a historic carriage house dating back to 1767 that once belonged to Aaron Burr, this West Village institution exudes candlelit romance. The fireplace crackles to the sounds of the city’s most popular music, including jazz, blues, jazz, and classical.

Not surprisingly, since it opened in 1973, it has been one of the city’s most popular places to ask questions.

Let’s take a day off – to Paris for some of the best, most romantic restaurants in New York. A bold claim, but that’s the facts!

Or you can just grab a bagel?

Then head to Central Park! It can be really romantic!