Healthy Restaurants: Lose Some Weight By Eating Tasty

Whether you’re eating on Sundays or during the week, you can eat delicious food and feel good in New York City while keeping your leisure time intact. It is open for business and one of the best places in the city to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal. Here are the best healthy restaurants!


Even non-vegetarians love Ayurvedic-inspired Divya cooking, and it seems they do. Guests crave balanced food and compatibility, which is the most important ingredient on the menu. It currently offers heated outdoor dining and a full service kitchen with a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options.


Le Botaniste New York is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with an emphasis on plants also known as vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, seeds, legumes and nuts and seeds. They are also the first amongst organic vegetable healthy restaurants to be certified CO2-neutral and their motto: “Food is medicine. The curry with peanut butter and curry sauce is served with brown rice, steamed vegetables and kimchi.


The organic burger at Bareburger definitely makes the cut when it comes to keeping the course, and the lean grass – fed – germinates on the walls of the restaurant and in the food court. If you’re scraping hamburgers from your new diet, consider this lean, grass-fed meal a great alternative to the traditional hamburgers and fries in New York.

In New York City, Bareburger offers a variety of healthy options, from vegan and vegetarian options to vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.


The Tribeca spot Lekka (which means “delicious” in South African dialect) is a plant-based burger concept from partner Andrea Kerzner, who is a lifelong vegan. The vegan burgers are prepared with whole ingredients to maintain their unique consistency. They also serve a host of other healthy options, such as a vegan version of the classic burger, and we drooled over their tamarind ketchup.

They opened their first location in New York City last year and opened it in October in a small space in the heart of Manhattan’s East Village.


Little Beet Table is a 100 percent gluten-free restaurant, and the menu is full of healthy options for vegetarians and vegans. Try the fried prawn salad, crispy spirulina ice cream or even a vegan version of your typical allspice cheese.


If your life is a little out of balance, you’ll love the lightly fried schnitzel or even a vegan version of their lightly fried sauerkraut. This popular Middle Eastern restaurant has been acting like a self-catering establishment for several years now, offering a healthy menu full of healthy options for vegetarians and vegans. The signature includes a humus option topped with olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, basil, and fresh herbs and spices.


This vegan eatery in the East Village doesn’t save your taste, but avoid the West Village, which is open for outdoor dining without heating. Vegan food is full of healthy options for vegetarians and vegans, as well as a variety of vegetarian options. Highlights include the pickled schimeji, a vegan version of the traditional cucumber, and the vegan version of her two salads. Both locations are open for delivery and delivery and there is an open – to – outside – heating system both inside and outside the West Village!


Caviar takes caviar, as well as a vegan version of the famous “coconut flower cabbage” and vegan versions of a variety of cheeses, fruits and vegetables.

Many exciting new dishes have recently been added to the menu, including a hickory smoked burger and a vegan version of the classic chicken nachos. Sushi is best known for its vegan sushi dumplings, but they have several locations in town. These globally inspired plates are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner with friends, family or even a group of friends. Delivery and collection on the website and outside catering are possible as well as private events such as the annual New Year’s Eve party.

We all have gained some weight after the holidays! And that is why we need to watch our diet! Here are the best healthy restaurants in New York!

Start your year fresh!

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