Best Dessert Places in New York

I firmly believe that eating sweets have a great correlation with your good mood. That is why I’ve assembled a list of the best dessert places in New York!

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

As in the old days, the emphasis is on seasonal and regional ingredients, but if you’re looking for the easy time New Yorkers want, look no further than Peter, Petey, Freeman and Gia Giasullo. They can use reality TV shows like “Construction” and “Intervention” to take that nostalgia to the next level, where people would turn to them for a nostalgic taste of the past.

Unfortunately, the set includes a glass mustache, but the Mr. Potato Head sundae has cream on top, and it’s delicious.

Drinks are not the main focus here, but there is no doubt that this bar is different from the others and worth a visit.


The multi-course menu includes amuse – bouche and coconut sorbet with chocolate – infused tea, and the main course could be anything from a chocolate mousse to a chocolate cake. In the dining room, stools are set up where guests can experience a voyeuristic thrill while skilfully preparing and serving their dessert.

The beautiful Petit Fours ends with a beautiful Petit Fours, and the main course consists of a chocolate mousse with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream – cream.

Prospect Heights restaurant pays homage to fading New York’s thing culture with its signature Sno-Ball cake. Nicholas Morgenstern created the shovel shop, and the decadent Sno-Ball cakes are as good as they are because you eat what you eat. When you reach Durian, you say that it is one of the smelliest fruits in the world, but it is so good that when I got it.

Meme’s Diner

I love carrying leftovers and I think it’s a fancy porridge served in reusable orange containers. Rich in rice feels like the future imagined in the 1990s, but sometimes I can’t believe it still exists. Room Old – a place that serves puddings and the best puddings in New York City and the most delicious desserts in the world.


The best dessert places in New York are top-class places that provide excellent sweets!

Africa can be very sweet!

Sugar gives you an extra energy boost! Spend it all in Central Park!